The idea of Atelier HOB is to make fashion that fits the female guests of the More Cafés : stylish, elegant and comfortable. A pleasing to the eye. Daily outfits however, with a surprising approach and look. Fashion with the unexpected twist.

The collection is unique and made in a limited edition . Each More Café will show a different part of the collection surrounded by some great wonderful fashion photos. Every month new items will be added to the collections. This could be homemade prints, the latest pleated designs, fancy artworks or embroideries.

The style is elegant and feminine, representative and comfortable. The mix of classic European and graceful Arabesque style. Every  article has a surprising twist. That could be a contrast, a different shape, the combination of fabrics, the structure of the textile or the combination of prints. To make every day different all the items could easily be combined with each other!

Every piece could be made according the clients personal sizes and measurements. So you have an unique 'tailored' piece. It's also possible to personalize the designs with your own input. Colours, lengths and fabrics could change according your own wishes.